38.5 Acres of Open Green Space Dedicated to the City of Langford - Westhills

March 02, 2021 | 38.5 Acres of Open Green Space Dedicated to the City of Langford

In the coming weeks, the city of Langford will officially receive 38.5 acres of forestland centrally located in Langford dedicated by Westhills Land Corporation in accordance with their Master Development Agreement. This land will be protected in perpetuity for residents of Langford.

The dedication of these lands includes a 3.5-acre parcel that connects to the Jordie Lunn Bike Park (set to open April 1, 2021). An additional 35-acres located on the east side of West Shore Parkway will feature trail connections in residential areas providing wild open green space for residents to get outside and connect with nature. This trail connectivity and significant addition of land will enhance the existing 2,167 acres of park and recreation land within the municipal boundaries and aligns with council's vision and commitment to protecting green space for residents' use.

"Getting outside for recreational purposes and exercise has never been more important as we navigate these stressful and uncertain times," says Mayor Young, City of Langford. "Residents will now have another large area of green space for exploration. These lands are perfect for all ages and physical abilities, whether residents want to hike, bike, or use these lands for educational reasons, this land will be there for generations to enjoy."

These lands will provide a vast outdoor playground perfect for hiking and mountain biking. In addition to traditional activities, a section of this land has been identified as a potential rock-climbing area, which will be researched further in conjunction with the South Island Climbers Association.

"Parkdale Hill and the Jordie Lunn Bike Park lands will create over 38 acres of new parkland in Langford. We are proud to dedicate this land to the City of Langford and continue to work cooperatively with the Mayor, Council and Staff to create diverse recreational amenities. Located near Langford Lake, Irwin Ponds, Mount Wells Regional Park, City Centre Park and the Westhills YMCA, this new parkland will complement the many recreation opportunities offered at Westhills." says Westhills Land Corp. Manager, Ryan McKenzie.

Over the coming months, City Staff will develop an extensive trail network and wayfinding plan for the lands.



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